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Sterling Mire has signed on with IMFP!!

Just a few weeks ago, Sterling signed with Imaginary Friends Music Parners for licensing her solo work along with her band, Darlings of the Day catalog! So, you can keep your eyes shut but keep your ears wide open to Sterling's sounds coming right at you via T.V., more Movies, and Commericials!! The first one to spot one of her songs should send us a message and we will show our appreciate by sending you a Darlings of the Day T-shirt in glorious Technicolor - compliments of the house!


Robert Rodriquez + Sterling Mire = NEW MOVIE ...

Independence Day - 2013!

It's the 4th of July and fireworks are going off everywhere!!

Exciting news: I have been asked to include some songs in Robert Rodriquez's new film.

Stay tuned for the title (nothing like a cheeky cliffhanger, eh?).


Robert Rodriquez


February 1st, 2013 - Love is all you need....and the rest shall follow. XO

Happy Love Month to all of you!

For those fine lovemakers out there that haven't had a chance to hear my music in my last two projects, well, now's your chance. Both "Hold Your Breath" and "Abducted" (formally titled, "Layover", starring Lauren Holly) are both available on DVD. Listen for "What's It Gonna Take" and "Superbad". ;)


HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2013 !!

Hello and Happy New Year~2013. This year will be auspicious, to say the least. Already getting ready for new film and television placement for Sterling Mire music AND Darlings of the Day!! Both "Hold Your Breath" and "Abducted" (formally titled "Layover"), are both headed for DVD this month, so look out for them. For now, I send my love to you, you and you....


My friend Emma and me at the Canyon Club for Queen Nation...

December 7th, 2012...

My friend Dawn and I attended a friend's show on Friday night.  Queen Nation, featuring Stephen Wozniak as David Bowie performing the "Under Pressure" song. It was a stellar night to say the least and my friends agreed that the band is just as amazing if not more so than the original Queen, and it actually is so. Once you've seen their show, you will agree too. :D


Birthday Bash was a Huge Smash!!

Although November 16th marks my birth date, I found out, around Halloween, that someone else shares the same birth day. He's a bad-ass actor named: Clu Gulager who has starred in unforgettable T.V. shows and movies, such as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (and Hour), The Virginian, and Bogdonoviche's "Last Picture Show", amongst many, many countless others. When I last saw Clu at a Halloween screening party, we discussed this solar kinship which lead to Clu inviting me to his birthday party at the Gene Autry museum in Griffith Park. An afternoon screening was planned. A Gene Autry movie plus a short that dated back to the '30's. The title escapes  me, but it occurred to me that it was possibly a favorite of Clu's as a child. Had a wonderful time as you can see. I truly adore this charismatic and extremely talented man! Being 2012, he's 84 years young! And still gorgeous!

November 16th 2012. Celebrating our joint birthday's together! Clu Gulager and Sterling.



November 17th, 2012: What started out as a rainy Saturday ended up being such a splendid success! Everyone in Los Angeles knows you can't get Angelenos to leave the security of their home when there is any sort of precipitation in the air. When the turn-out was nearly 100%.  I was not only over-joyed I was blown away! The few that didn't make it kindly apologized and explained their impossible obstacles. I have to admit, I am so grateful for communication. I would rather hear bad news, undesirable, or even horrific news than nothing at all. (Trust me, my imagination will conjure up the worst case scenario that goes beyond most peoples comprehension!). 

I am so grateful for my friends! I am fiercely loyal to them all - heart and soul for life!




Halloween Scream-ings!

Last night I went to a screening party and viewed over 2 1/2 hours of Horror films. Most that were Very Good. Some Very Funny. This is a kind of refreshing twist to combine comedy and horror and the new wave of special effects and technology made everything look so real. I saw my friend Clu Gulagar there and told him that we share the same birthday--November 16th. He promptly invited me to his birthday party at the Gene Autry Museum where they are honoring his birthday with a screening. I really adore Clu. He's a great conversationalist. Wise, kind and very charismatic.

I'll be returning and giving you all an update regarding how the party goes!

For this Halloween, remember: "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead"

In Pic: Stephen Wozniak, Sterling Mire as a Stepford Couple from the 1973 film: The Stepford Wives.

Don Clark as officer Buzz Kiel.




October 14th, Sunday.

The motion picture, "Hold Your Breath," which features my original song 'Superbad,' premiered across the nation in theaters on October 5th, 2012, but I was high in the sky flying back from New York and missed the opening! New York was amazing, though. I really adore the people; they were so incredibly nice, generous, present, warm and personable...oh! And did I mention - incredibly intelligent too?! The private dinner party I attended, as one of Tim Armstrong's (CEO of AOL) special guests, was certainly entertaining. The musical guest was Robin Thicke and speaking guests included publisher Ariana Huffington. There was also a dueling duo of Obama and Romney imitators. I found the first lady of Iceland, Dorrit,  fascinating and AOL's new marketing and communications director, Jolie, to be inspiring. Keach, from The Wall Street Journal, was switched on and offered stimulating conversation. I look forward to seeing these people again in the near future.


Soon, I will add a reel of short clips that features my songs in the TV and movies that I've had the privilege of being a part of. Meanwhile, get ready for Halloweenie!



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