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Birthday Bash was a Huge Smash!!

Although November 16th marks my birth date, I found out, around Halloween, that someone else shares the same birth day. He's a bad-ass actor named: Clu Gulager who has starred in unforgettable T.V. shows and movies, such as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (and Hour), The Virginian, and Bogdonoviche's "Last Picture Show", amongst many, many countless others. When I last saw Clu at a Halloween screening party, we discussed this solar kinship which lead to Clu inviting me to his birthday party at the Gene Autry museum in Griffith Park. An afternoon screening was planned. A Gene Autry movie plus a short that dated back to the '30's. The title escapes  me, but it occurred to me that it was possibly a favorite of Clu's as a child. Had a wonderful time as you can see. I truly adore this charismatic and extremely talented man! Being 2012, he's 84 years young! And still gorgeous!

November 16th 2012. Celebrating our joint birthday's together! Clu Gulager and Sterling.



November 17th, 2012: What started out as a rainy Saturday ended up being such a splendid success! Everyone in Los Angeles knows you can't get Angelenos to leave the security of their home when there is any sort of precipitation in the air. When the turn-out was nearly 100%.  I was not only over-joyed I was blown away! The few that didn't make it kindly apologized and explained their impossible obstacles. I have to admit, I am so grateful for communication. I would rather hear bad news, undesirable, or even horrific news than nothing at all. (Trust me, my imagination will conjure up the worst case scenario that goes beyond most peoples comprehension!). 

I am so grateful for my friends! I am fiercely loyal to them all - heart and soul for life!




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