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Halloween Scream-ings!

Last night I went to a screening party and viewed over 2 1/2 hours of Horror films. Most that were Very Good. Some Very Funny. This is a kind of refreshing twist to combine comedy and horror and the new wave of special effects and technology made everything look so real. I saw my friend Clu Gulagar there and told him that we share the same birthday--November 16th. He promptly invited me to his birthday party at the Gene Autry Museum where they are honoring his birthday with a screening. I really adore Clu. He's a great conversationalist. Wise, kind and very charismatic.

I'll be returning and giving you all an update regarding how the party goes!

For this Halloween, remember: "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead"

In Pic: Stephen Wozniak, Sterling Mire as a Stepford Couple from the 1973 film: The Stepford Wives.

Don Clark as officer Buzz Kiel.




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