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October 14th, Sunday.

The motion picture, "Hold Your Breath," which features my original song 'Superbad,' premiered across the nation in theaters on October 5th, 2012, but I was high in the sky flying back from New York and missed the opening! New York was amazing, though. I really adore the people; they were so incredibly nice, generous, present, warm and personable...oh! And did I mention - incredibly intelligent too?! The private dinner party I attended, as one of Tim Armstrong's (CEO of AOL) special guests, was certainly entertaining. The musical guest was Robin Thicke and speaking guests included publisher Ariana Huffington. There was also a dueling duo of Obama and Romney imitators. I found the first lady of Iceland, Dorrit,  fascinating and AOL's new marketing and communications director, Jolie, to be inspiring. Keach, from The Wall Street Journal, was switched on and offered stimulating conversation. I look forward to seeing these people again in the near future.


Soon, I will add a reel of short clips that features my songs in the TV and movies that I've had the privilege of being a part of. Meanwhile, get ready for Halloweenie!



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